Digital Garden

My Digital Garden - after an idea from so many others. Because I could not express it in any better way, I quote Joel Hooks

While not everybody has or works in a dirt garden, we all share a familiarity with the idea of what a garden is.

A garden is usually a place where things grow.

Gardens can be very personal and full of whimsy or a garden can be a source of food and substance.


Like with real gardens, our digital gardens are a constant ebb and flow towards entropy.

Weeds take over. Left untended the Earth will reclaim what belongs to it.

The same is true for our digital gardens here on the internet.

I try to work with my garage door up, so feel free to have a look.

Picture of me (non-cc) This is me, in case you wondered.

Except where otherwise noted ("non-cc"), is this work by Raphael Sprenger licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0